Tanz in den Mai – mit Liveband Soma Age & DJs

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Tanz in den Mai – mit Liveband Soma Age & DJs
Montag | 30. April 2018 | 21:00 Uhr

Soma age is a musical and human adventure, which started in 2010 when Gralex (Guitar, Rap), Fiv’s (Drums), Pit’s (Guitar, Vocals), Eyal (Percussions) and Baltniks (Keyboards, Rap) first met in Versailles.

From the good old days of high school to Maastricht five years later, where Mateusz (Bass) joined the band and where they release their first EP, a strong friendship was built. The band evolved and grew not only around music, but also around travelling and community living.

This special relationship expresses itself on stage where the spontaneity and the connection with the public result from a shared experience in street performances and improvisation. A Soma Age concert is a journey in which one might dance or dream, shout or laugh, but will never fall asleep. It’s a different world from one song to another, with rap, choirs, hazy waves, african drumming, funky groove and psychedelic trance.

Tickets im VVK : 11 € + Gebühren

Beginn: 21:00 Uhr
Einlass: ca. 20 Uhr